Established in Sydney, 2019. ELEMENT OF M showcases quality, timeless and affordability under one name. Offered, is a range of women’s luxury accessories, complimenting everyday outfits to the more sophisticated evening wear.

All our pieces are made of the highest quality of Sterling Silver or 18k, 24k Gold vermeil which means that each piece is made entirely out of precious metals and because of our high-quality materials, our pieces are hypoallergenic and friendly to sensitive skin.

Element of M is the jewellery label that will continue to offer you small batch, unique and high-quality pieces that will remain staples in your collection forever.

EOM gained traction for our dainty, personalised jewellery and statement pieces. We encourage our customers to take the latest trends and personalise them to create a look of their own.

Our trendy yet sophisticated line is the result of a team of female fashion lovers who strive to offer customers the most out of a jewellery and accessory shopping experience. We have worked with influencers, celebrities and featured in articles and now proudly displayed at Jafrie by R’s boutique in Balmain, Sydney.



With love, M