Private Label

Are you ready to take your business to new heights? Seeking a unique and captivating product that sets your brand apart? 

At ELEMENT OF M, we are not just creators of our own stunning jewellery; we are also dedicated to helping retailers like you source, design, manufacture, and develop your very own private label collections. Our expertise spans a wide range of product lines, including hair and outfit accessories, as well as costume/ on of a kind jewellery pieces.

Imagine having your own exclusive jewellery collection that reflects your brand's essence and vision. With our White Label Jewellery program, it's now possible to enhance and extend your brand value with a range of jewellery pieces designed to leave a lasting impression on your clients.

Or purchasing our beautiful jewellery at production-line prices, you can offer your clients stunning pieces at incredible value.

Our White Label Jewellery program empowers you to effortlessly rebrand our jewellery as your own. Choose from our selection of costume, SILVER 925, Plated gold, and 18k Gold pieces, and make them uniquely yours. What's more, our Sterling silver jewellery is crafted without any poisonous or prohibited metals like nickel, ensuring that you can confidently offer these pieces to your clients.

Join us on this exciting journey to create a bespoke jewellery collection that resonates with your clientele and represents the very essence of your brand.

Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of our White Label Jewellery program and elevate your business to new heights.